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Infinite Weapons

In Beyond Oasis, there are 5 Secret Zones where you can get 5 Weapons that will never run out of power. These Weapons are what I like to call "Infinite Weapons". Each one requires effort to get, but it is all worth it. Here is a list of the Secret Zones, the weapon it carries, how to get it, and where in the world it is.

Location Place Picture Weapon Pic Specifics
Near Enemy Camp Secret Racetrack Fire Bow Finish race under 1:09.9
After Volcano Secret Cliffs Hyper Bomb Make it to the last Cliff.
Western Beach Secret Islands Atomic Bow Finish all islands without opening any chests.
Dark Forest Secret Pits Omega Sword Make it all the way to the 100th floor
Mountain Pond Secret Waterfall Metal Bow One of the collectable items on the way down.

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