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Name Pic HP Attacks Strategy
Crab Nabber Claw: 200 Spits Bubbles Use a Sword and destroy the Claw, then go for the body.
Uses Claw to grab and throw
Body: 480 Jumps and smashes
Black Skull 800 Spits Flames Wait for it to come up out of the water, then start attacking with a Sword, while avoiding the flames and claws. Also try Dytto's Magic Storm.
Attacks with claws
Rock Monster 550 Attacks with arms Stay out of its arms and throw Bombs at it. When HP is at 1/2, try to stay away from its bounce attack, else you will take a lot of damage. Dytto's Magic Storm will do some damage as well.
Jumps and brings down rocks
Bounces around at 1/2 HP
Giant Turtle 260 Spits rocks Keep moving left, as it will walk towards you. Equip a Sword and when it sticks out its tough, slash it a few times.
Attempts to inhale Ali
Attacks with tounge
Red Dragon 850 Spits Fireballs Get out a sword and wait for his head to come near, then start slashing it or use Sword Melee if you can get it going.
Breathes Flames
Grand Wizard 400 Shoots magic 360 from him Just stand on the ledge and shoot him with your Atomic Bow. The hard way would be to go in the middle platform and hit him with your Sword.
Summons big monsters to attack
Non-Entity 800 Summons Comets to attack Shoot one of its eyes with a Light Ball then jump and slash it with a Sword.
Creates a gravity well
Uses 3rd Eye Laser at 1/2 HP
Silver Armlet 480 Summons Monsters Take out your Omega Sword and hold him to the edge. Attack him when he tries to summon for an assured hit.
Stabs with Knife
Agito 1200 Uses Kamakaze Slime Take out your Omega Sword again. His head cannot be hurt until the Tentacles are gone. Defeat the Tentacles then attack the head.
Uses Tentacles
Breathes Fire at 1/2 HP

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