Sub Weapons

Img Name Description

A simple dagger. Throws in a straight line and does minimal damage. Uses 1 Heart.


A medium-sized hand axe. Throws in an upward arc and does moderate damage. Uses 2 Hearts.

Holy Water

A vial of Holy Water. Throws at the ground and causes the ground to burn for a short time. Does mild damage. Uses 4 Hearts.


A cross that returns. Throws in a straight line and does heavy damage. Uses 6 Hearts.


A time-stopping watch. Halts time for 10 seconds. Uses 20 Hearts.


Item Crush Attacks

When you use the Pluto + Salamander DSS Card Combo, you can perform an item crush. They are explained below...

The Dagger Item Crush deals moderate damage, but deals it a tremendous amount of times. Nathan summons forth magical spears which he proceeds to hurl directly in front of him. Throwing at an insane speed, nobody can resist the attack of this amazing Crush. Although you cannot move while performing this Crush, you can turn and face the other direction. A great attack for slow moving, grounded monsters. This crush uses twenty Hearts.
The Axe Item Crush is great for multiple enemies, but you will only damage about two times. Nathan will summon eight magical axes from within his soul to come out and destroy the evil around him. Circling his body, these axes will quickly spread outward and damage any foe on the screen. I would not recommend this attack on important battles though. This crush uses only eight Hearts.
The Holy Water Item Crush is a very powerful weapon. Nathan summons the power of the Holy Vial to call upon acidic rains to flush evil down the drains. The Crush covers the entire screen, effectively damaging any monster in sight. This crush uses twenty Hearts.
The Cross Item Crush is powerful, but limited. Nathan beckons forth a holy pillar of light, bringing with it a torrent of gigantic Crosses. This Crush rises to the top of the screen and will damage multiple times. The only setback is the fact that it does not cover a wide area. This crush uses fifteen Hearts.
This is one of the oddest Item Crushes. Nathan calls upon Chronos to lend him his extra time-stopping watches and lets loose four to effectively stop any monster in it's tracks. I see no point to this Crush, as the regular Stopwatch also halts any monsters. This Crush, at ten seconds, does not last any longer than a regular Stopwatch. Totally pointless, in my opinion. This crush uses an amazing forty Hearts.
I have found out this Crush's use. It is needed to slow down the Skeleton Medallist.