Consumable Items

Img Name What it does Found
Potion Replenish 20 Health Skeleton Bomber, Devil Tower, Wind Armor, Fox Hunter, Flame Demon, Myconid, Demon Lord (Observation Tower), Hyena, Abiondarg
Meat Replenish 50 Health Fox Hunter, Hippogriff, Gorgon, Were-Horse
Spiced Meat Replenish 100 Health Grizzly, Imp, Abiondarg
Potion High Replenish 250 Health Legion, Devil (Observation Tower), Wind Armor, Devil Armor (Battle Arena), White Armor (Battle Arena)
Potion Ex Fully replenish Health Alraune (Observation Tower)
Mind Restore Replenish 30% Magic Brain Float, Spirit, Will O' Wisp, Nightmare
Mind High Replenish 50% Magic Poltergeist, Lilim (Machine Tower), Wight, Dryad, Myconid, Marionette, Wind Demon, Siren
Mind Ex Replenish 100% Magic Lilith (Underground Warehouse), Fish Head
Antidote Reverses poison Poison Worm, King Moth, Poison Armor, Slime, Killer Bee
Cure Curse Reverses curse Marionette, Legion
Heart Replenish 10 Hearts Bat, Bone Head, Bone Tower, Gorgon
Heart High Replenish 25 Hearts Catoblepas, Gargoyle, Bone Tower, Arachne
Heart Ex Replenish 50 Hearts Scary Candle (Iron Golem Boss Room), Fallen Angel
Heart Mega Replenish 100 Hearts Arachne, Trick Candle (Cerberus Boss Room), Dryad

Special Items

Img Name What it does Found
Dash Boots Double tap left or right to run Found in the Catacombs
Double Allows a double jump Defeat Cerberus
Tackle Press left or right + special move to destroy stone blocks Defeat Necromancer
Kick Boots Allows you to kick off of walls with the special move button Defeat Iron Golem
Heavy Ring Allows you to push heavy boxes Defeat Zombie Dragon
Cleansing Purifies the poisoned water in the Underground Defeat Death
Roc Wing Allows a high jump by pressing Up + special move Defeat Camilla
Last Key Allows access to Dracula's Lair Defeat Hugh

Thanks to Hiryuu for the Magic Item Sprites
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