To use the Modifiers, type the amount of health, magic, hearts, or the level you want to start on, into the value box.
Health and Magic can be no higher than 65535.
Level and Hearts can be no higher than 1000.

Code Value Raw/VBA CodeBreaker
Health Modifier
Magic Modifier
Level Modifier
Heart Modifier
Master Code   N/A 0000AE42 000A
100007E8 0007
All Items*   N/A 42025674 0202
00000062 0002
Untouchable   020000C0 0030 320000C0 0030
Infinite Double Jump**   02000080 0000 32000080 0000
Always Run***   0200009C 0000 3200009C 0000
*All Items Notes
When using All Items, save your game, then de-activate the code. Now, open your menu, and select CONFIG. Notice how all of your buttons are set to A. Change them all to different buttons. Exit the menu. Now see if your buttons do what they are supposed to do. If not, go to CONFIG and change them all again. They should now work. This codes give all items, armor, accessories, and cards.

**Infinite Double Jump Notes
You MUST have the Double to use this code.

***Always Run Notes
You DO NOT need the Dash Boots to use this code.