Nathan Graves Hugh Baldwin Morris Baldwin
Nathan Graves (player) is the chosen successor to wield the 'Hunter Whip.' His parents, who were Vampire Hunters, were killed 10 years before while banishing Dracula. Nathan's rival and the son of Morris, Master Vampire Hunter. He is bitter that Nathan, who he believes is the weaker of the two, was chosen as his father's successor. Morris is Nathan's Master and is teaching him the skills necessary to combat Dracula and his minions. He and Nathan's parents succeeded in banishing Dracula 10 years previously. He chose Nathan as his successor over his son, Hugh, and passed on the 'Hunter Whip.'
Camilla Dracula
A loyal minion plotting the complete resurrection of her master, the demon lord Dracula. Sealed off from the world by Nathan's parents and Morris, he is attempting to reemerge after 10 years of confinement.