Soft Soil Locations

Location Coordinates Pic Tools Season Description
Mt. Cucco 2-P Behind mushrooms
  4-L --- Under rock on lower part of mountain
Tarm Ruins 3-C --- Dig under white spot.
Sunken City 4-P --- Cut the lone bush.
Temple Remains 5-E --- Dig at spot 2 spaces right from upper left armos.
Holodrum Plain 8-F --- Under the bush on the island
  10-F --- Dig spot in middle of circle of bushes
Spool Swamp 9-A --- Under the only rock.
  13-A --- Under the rock in the corner.
Eyeglass Lake 9-I --- Dig spot in middle of circle of bushes.
North Horon 11-G --- --- Surrounded by bushes just north of Horon Village.
Woods of Winter 11-M --- Cut bush in middle row.
Horon Village 13-I --- --- Near the Mayor's House
Samasa Desert 15-P --- --- In corner surrounded by Cacti
Western Coast 16-A --- --- In plain sight before entrance to graveyard.