Ring Locations


Location Coordinates Pic Tools Season Description
Mt. Cucco 2-L --- Wake up Talon then open chest.
  2-P --- Inside Cave
Goron Mountain 3-I --- Inside Goron Mountain, surrounded by Lava and cracked blocks.
Spool Swamp 9-C In front of high sign
North Horon 9-H In cave in water
Woods of Winter 9-O Inside cave blocked by mushrooms
Holodrum Plain 12-D --- Inside cave in water
Western Coast 15-D --- --- Inside chest by the Pirate Ship.
Samasa Desert 16-P --- Sink in quicksand at 16-N


Location Coordinates Pic Tools Description
Subrosian Wilds 5-A Dig spot of dirt.
Subrosian Market 5-F --- Bought for 30 Ore Chunks


Location Coordinates Pic Tools Description
Gnarled Root 4-E --- Inside chest near left wall.
Explorer's Crypt 3-D (F-1) --- Defeat all of the monsters to reveal chest
Sword & Shield Maze 3-A (F-1) Shoot 3 statues with Hyper Slingshot to reveal chest.