Quest Items

Trade Sequence Items

Name of Item Pics How to get Trade where
Cuccodex Light torch in Biologist's Home 16-J
Lon Lon Egg Give Malon the Cuccodex 9-I
Ghastly Doll Run into Maple with Lon Lon Egg ---
Iron Pot Give Mrs. Ruul the Ghastly Doll 11-D
Lava Soup Give the Subrosian Chef the Iron Pot 3-C (Subrosia)
Goron Vase Give Biggoron the Lava Soup 1-L
Fish Give Ingo the Goron Vase 5-N
Megaphone Give the cat man the Fish 12-8
Mushroom Wake Talon up with Megaphone 2-L
Wooden Bird Give Syrup the Mushroom 6-O
Engine Grease Give Clock Shop owner the Wooden Bird 14-H
Phonograph Give Windmill guy the Engine Grease 14-K


Name of Item Pics Where to get
Fertile Soil Level 1: Gnarled Root
Gift of Time Level 2: Snake's Remains
Bright Sun Level 3: Poison Moth's Lair
Soothing Rain Level 4: Dancing Dragon's Dungeon
Nurturing Warmth Level 5: Unicorn's Cave
Blowing Wind Level 6: Ancient Ruins
Seed of Life Level 7: Explorer's Crypt
Changing Seasons Level 8: Sword & Shield Maze
Huge Makue Seed Maku Tree when all 8 essences are collected

Misc. Items

Name of Item Pics How to get What it does
Blue Ore Subrosia (5-A) in chest Combine with Red Ore to make Hard Ore
Bomb Flower Subrosia (7-J) Used to clear path to Tower of Autumn
Dragon Key Mt. Cucco (2-K) Used to open Dancing Dragon's Dungeon
Floodgate Key Floodgate Keeper's House (7-C) Used to open floodgate in Spool Swamp
Gasha Seed Various Places Plant in soft soil and later becomes a tree
Gnarled Key Wake up Maku Tree (13-J) Used to open Gnarled Root
Hard Ore Great Furnace (5-J *Subrosia*) Used to make the Iron Shield
Jewels Various places in Holodrum Used as keys to Lost Woods & Tarm Ruins
Magic Potion Dropped by Maple/Syurp's Potion Shop Fills up hearts in case you die
Master's Plaque Inside left waterfall cave (3-O) Traded for Zora's Flippers
Member's Card Sold at Subrosian Market (5-F) Allows you to access the back of the Horon Shop (15-J)
Pirate's Bell Polish Rusted Bell at Subrosian Blacksmith (4-D) Allows the captain to sail the pirate's ship
Red Ore Subrosia (6-I) Combine with Blue Ore to make Hard Ore
Ribbon Trade Star Shaped Ore at Subrosian Market (5-F) Give to Rosa so that you can use her Key
Ricky's Gloves Defeat Blaino in the ring Give to Ricky in exchange for help
Ring Box L-1 From Vasu (15-I) Allows you to carry 1 ring to equip
Ring Box L-2 From Lone Goron (2-J) Allows you to carry 3 rings to equip
Ring Box L-3 --- (no info) (no info)
Spring Banana From banana tree on Mt. Cucco (1-P) Give to Moosh in exchange for help
Star Shaped Ore Under the sands of the Subrosian Beach Trade for Ribbon at Subrosian Market (5-F)
Treasure Map Back of Horon Shop (15-J) Helps find the 4 jewels
Zora's Flippers Master Diver (3-O) Allows you to swim and dive.