Heart Piece Locations


Location Coordinates Pic Tools Season Description
Horon Village 14-I --- On ledge behind shrub
Eastern Suburbs 15-K Inside cave on top of the cliff.
Woods of Winter 11-P Benind rock
Eyeglass Lake 11-K In cave under rock.
Moblin's Keep 6-L --- Defeat the Great Moblin
Mt. Cucco 3-N --- --- On ledge, must jump from 2-N
Spool Swamp 12-B Surrounded by reafs until the season is Spring.
Temple Remains 2-F   Blow up cracked wall (after the eruption).
Graveyard 14-B Behind mushrooms near Explorer's Crypt.
Maple n/a --- --- Maple sometimes drops
Soft Dirt n/a --- Sometimes a prize from a Gasha Tree.


Location Coordinates Pic Tools Description
Subrosia Market 5-F Trade 30 Ore Chunks and 10 Ember Seeds