Gasha Seed Locations


Location Coordinates Pic Tools Season Description
Tarm Ruins 2-A Burn tree by Gale Seed Tree.
Sunken City 5-P Inside cave on ledge
  7-O --- Dive underwater in lone deep spot
  6-O --- Sold at Witch's Shop
Eyeglass Lake 12-I --- Jump from pit to pit.
Horon Village 13-I --- --- Given to you by the mayor.
    (no pic) --- Inside Mayor's house behind cracked wall.
  15-G --- Sold for at the upper market.
Eastern Suburbs 13-M Use flower to shot you to the upper part. Use Magnet Gloves inside.
Woods of Winter 9-O --- Come up through Snake's Remains


Location Coordinates Pic Tools Description
Volcanoes 2-B Inside chest in cave.
  2-C Behind Locked door (need Rosa)
Subrosia Village 5-E Inside house surrounded by Lava.
  6-E Past the ladder in the cave leading to the Tower of Spring.
Dance Hall 3-E --- Prize in Dance Contest
Subrosian Market 5-F Sold at the market.
Subrosian Hide'n'Seek 7-A Play the Strange Brother's Hide'n'Seek game.


Location Coordinates Pic Tools Description
Hero's Cave 3-B Push northwest block to reveal stairs to Seed.
Gnarled Root 3-A --- Push the blocks around to clear a path to the chest with a Seed.
Poison Moth's Lair 3-D (L-1) Hop across the button and make your way
past the moving floors to the chest with a Seed.