Name of Boss Pics Attacks How to Kill
Goriya Brothers Throw Boomerang back and forth to each other. Block attacks with Shield and counterattack with Sword.
Aquamentus Shoots fireballs when horn flashes red. Spin attacks on the horn work best.
Facade Shoots Fireballs in the air that come back down and sends Beetles to attack. Throw Bombs onto the face.
Dodongo Charges at Link Throw Bomb into mouth and then throw it into the spikes with the Power Bracelet.
Calamareye Appears out of water and shoots fireballs Pick it up with the Power Bracelet and throw it onto dry land then slash it.
Mothula Shoots smaller moths and flies around shooting fireballs Slash away making sure to avoid the attacks and his fast flying.
Agahnim Splits into 3 parts and shoots fireballs Light the torchest to see which one has a shadow under it, then attack with a spin attack.
Gohma Tries to grab with claw and then shoots Gohma Larvas Spin Attack the claw until it is destroyed. Then with the Pegasus Seed and Slingshot with Ember Seeds, shoot the eye when it opens, killing the Larvas with the Sword.
Syger Curls into a ball and charges at Link. Spin attack the tail and jump over any spinning movement.
Digdogger Jumps around and splits into many parts when greatly damaged. Small parts fuse back to bigger part when given time. Pull spike ball with Magnet Gloves and hit Digdogger with it. Use Pegasus Seed when dealing with the smaller parts.
Vire Swoops down and shoots fireballs. When nearly dead, splits into 2 smaller parts. When near, use a spin attack. When split, jump and slash it.
Manhandla 4 flowers shoot fireballs. As weakened, it gets faster. When flowers gone, it runs in a figure 8 patern. Use the Pegasus Seed to gain a boost of speed. Hit the flowers with the Magic Boomerang when the mouth is open. When all 4 are gone, hit the main body with the Boomerang a few times and hit the crystal in the middle with the sword to kill it.
Amy & Margaret One charges like a bull and the other attacks in an elipsical motion Sidestep them and unleash a spin attack.
Gleeok Shoots fireballs in 3 directions, surrounds you in flames, shoots fire in all directions. When heads are off, it jumps around and attacks. Stay back and slash each head back and forth. Make sure to damage them both equally at the same time, or the head can reform. When heads are gone, use Roc's Cape to jump and avoid impact of the jumps. Keep slashing
Frypolar Changes color to either red or blue and shoots fire and ice Shoot red side with Mystery Seed to change it to blue. Wait for the blue side to shoot an iceburg then shoot both the ice and Frypolar with a Mystery Seed to make the ice throwable and to change Frypolar to red. Throw the ice at the red Frypolar.
Medusa Head Circles the room and spits fireballs, goes to top of room and shoots beams, and sprays a circle of gass which can turn victums to stone. Jump over the attacks with the Roc's Cape. Use the Pegasus Seed to catch up to it and spin attack it.
Onox Swings his mace to attack and jumps to knock down boulders. Use a Pegasus Seed to speed up. Spin attacks are the only attacks that can harm Onox.
Onox & Din Uses Din as a shield and still uses his mace. Hit Din with the Rod of Seasons and use the same strategy with Onox the last time.
Dragon Onox Slashes you with his claws, breathes Fireballs in every direction, and breaths dark flames. When his claws touch the ground, jump on them and spin attack the jewel on his forehead.