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# Name of Ring Pic Location Description
Ages Seasons
1 Friendship Ring From Vasu From Vasu Symbol of a meeting
2 Power Ring L-1 --- Explorer's Crypt (3-D *F-1*) Sword damage
Damage taken
3 Power Ring L-2   Random Sword damage
Damage taken
4 Power Ring L-3   ---    
5 Armor Ring L-1     ---  
6 Armor Ring L-2 --- Goron Mountain (3-I) Damage taken
Sword damage
7 Armor Ring L-3     ---  
8 Red Ring --- Defeat all 4 Gold Monsters in Holodrum Sword damage x2
9 Blue Ring     ---  
10 Green Ring        
11 Cursed Ring   Random 1/2 Sword Damage, Damage taken 2x
12 Expert's Ring        
13 Blast Ring --- Western Coast (15-D) Bomb bamage
14 Rang Ring L-1 --- Samsa Desert (16-P) Boomerang bamage
15 Ages GBA Ring     ---  
16 Maple's Ring   Random Maple meetings
17 Steadfast Ring --- Sword & Shield Maze (3-A *F-1*) Get knocked back less
18 Pegasus Ring     ---  
19 Toss Ring   Random Throwing Distance
20 Heart Ring L-1        
21 Heart Ring L-2   Random Recover lost hearts
22 Swimmer's Ring        
23 Charge Ring   Random Spin attack charges quickly
24 Light Ring L-1     ---  
25 Light Ring L-2     ---  
26 Bomber's Ring     ---  
27 Green Luck Ring        
28 Blue Luck Ring   Random 1/2 Damage from Beams
29 Yellow Luck Ring     ---  
30 Red Luck Ring   Random 1/2 Damage from Spiked Floors
31 Green Holy Ring   Random No Damage from Electricity
32 Blue Holy Ring   Random No Damage from Zora's Fire
33 Red Holy Ring   Random No Damage from small rocks
34 Snowshoe Ring        
35 Roc's Ring   Random Cracked Floors don't crumble
36 Quicksand Ring   Random/Cave in North Horon No sinking in quicksand
37 Red Joy Ring   Random Beasts drop double rupees
38 Blue Joy Ring        
39 Yellow Joy Ring     ---  
40 Green Joy Ring --- Inside Cave on Mt. Cucco Find double Ore Chunks
41 Discovery Ring   Gnarled Root (Level 1) Senses Soft Earth nearby
42 Rang Ring L-2        
43 Octo Ring   Random Become an Octorok
44 Moblin Ring   Random Become a Moblin
45 Like Like Ring   Random Become a Like Like
46 Subrosian Ring --- Talon's Cave Become a Subrosian
47 First Gen Ring        
48 Spin Ring     ---  
49 Bombproof Ring   Random No damage from own bombs
50 Energy Ring        
51 Dbl-Edged Ring   Random Sword damge , but you get hurt
52 Seasons GBA Ring   ---    
53 Slayer's Ring   From Vasu 1000 Beasts Slain
54 Wealth Ring        
55 Victory Ring        
56 Sign Ring --- Break 100 Signs then see Sign Man in Subrosia 100 Signs Broken
57 100th Ring        
58 Whisp Ring   Random No effect from Jinxes
59 Gasha Ring   Random Grow Great Gasha Trees
60 Peace Ring   Random No explosion if holding bomb
61 Zora Ring   Random Dive without breathing
62 Fist Ring   Random Punch when not Equiped
63 Whimsical Ring   Random Sword damage , sometimes deadly.
64 Protection Ring   Random Damage taken is always One Heart

Green = Seasons
Pink = Ages
White = Both

*Random found rings can either be found by:
1: Finding it in a Gasha Nut
2: Dropped by Maple
3: Won in the chest opening game