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Oracle of Seasons
Fairy Locations
Gasha Seed Locations
Heart Piece Locations
Hidden Ring Locations
Hidden Rupee Locations
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Secrets *coming soon*
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Name of Monster Pics Damage Description
Anti-Faerie Tough to kill without a Boomerang.
Arm-Mimic Follows movement, kill when near.
Armos Statue Still until pressed. Red ones can only be killed by Magic Boomerang.
Ball & Chain Trooper Uses ball & chain as weapon. Kill from a distance.
Beetle Pop out of ground while digging.
Buzz Blob Eletricutes when touched. Attack from distance to avoid touching.
Centaur Shoot magic out of their sword.
Cheep Cheep Slow swimming underwater monsters easily killed by sword.
Crow Sit on trees and swoop down for kill.
Cukeman Alterned Buzz Blob with Mystery Seed. Can give information, but must stun first.
Fire Keese Keese surrounded by flames drop down to burn Link up.
Fish Jump out of water
Gel Appear from floor and jump around
Ghost Found in graveyards and tough to kill with sword.
Gibdo Strong mummy who takes a lot of hits to kill.
Goponga Flower Shoot fireballs at Link.
Hardhat Beetle Cannot be killed but can be pushed into a pit.
Iron Mask Cannot be harmed while mask is on. The mask can be removed by Magnet Gloves or Switch Hook
Keese Annoying bat-like creatures that fly around.
Leever Appear from under the sand and quickly attacks
Like Like If eaten, they can swallow your shield.
Magnet Monster Shoot fireballs and run to corner when near. Use the opposite polarity of the Magnet Gloves to pull them near.
Mini Moldorm Worm-like monsters that move so that they are hard to track.
Moblin Attack with a variety of weapons and are pretty quick.
Octorok These monsters shoot rocks at you which can be deflected with a shield.
Peahat When in flight, they cannot be touched, but when landed, they can be killed.
Pig Warrior Attack with a variety of weapons, but are a bit slower than the Moblin.
Pincer Appear from hole and lunge to attack
Pokey A huge cactus-like creature that becomes smaller and faster with every hit.
Pol Voice Rabbit-like creatures that can be defeated with a bomb or by playing a flute.
Raven Like a crow, only not as strong
Sand Crab Very slow crabs that are easy to kill.
Shrouded Stalfos Throw spears at enemy, other than that, not too difficult.
Snake Rope When spotted, they will quickly move at you and attack. Easy to defeat though.
Soldier Strong defense and spear throwing make this monster tough to kill.
Spark These cling to sides of walls and can be turned to fairies when hit with a Boomerang.
Spiked Beetle When spotted, they will attack quickly. Deflect them with your shield to open up their weak spot.
Spiny Beetle These hide under bushes and rocks. You must remove what they are under to even harm them.
Stalfos Skeletons that like to avoid attacks by hoping around.
Sword Stalfos When spotted, they will charge you with their swords drawn.
Tektile Spider-like monsters that hop around.
Wallmaster Huge hands that do no damage, but when they grab you, will take you back to the beginning of the level.
Water Tektile Like the normal tektiles, but can go onto the water and not the land.
Wizzrobe Disappear and reappear and shoot strong magic at you.
Zora Fish-like monsters that come out of the water and shoot fireballs at you.

Green = Seasons
Pink = Ages
White = Both